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Final year degree project for engineers DAC0800 based project circuit diagram and interfacing with pic mirocontroller Decoding Routine (Includes NRZI Encoding, BitStuffing Removal / Addition).USB Transmission Performing Custom Actions Requested
development of Car Tachometer speedometer based microcontroller PIC16F628
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is an electronic system that operates digital and designed for industry and machinery.PLC
To plot the characteristic curve of a photo resistor by varying levels of illumination.
Microcontroller 8051 information

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Microprocessor Interfacing and PLC

Chapter NO 1: Interfacing of memory and I/O:-
  1. Semiconductor memory interfacing,
  2. dynamic RAM interfacing,
  3. interfacing I/O ports.

Chapter NO 2: PIO 8255 and its interfacing :-

  1. The introduction of PIO 8255,
  2. modes of operation of 8255,
  3. Interfacing ADC,
  4. interfacing of DAC,
  5. stepper motor interfacing,
  6. control of high power device using 8255

Chapter NO 3: Programmable interval timer, interrupt controller and interfacing:-

  1. Programmable interval timer: architecture, control word,
  2. operating modes, programming and
  3. interfacing of 8253.
  4. Programmable interrupt controller : architecture and signal description,
  5. interrupt sequence, command word, operating modes,
  6. interfacing and programming of 8259.

Chapter NO 4: Keyboard/display controller, communication interface and its interfacing :-

  1. The keyboard/display controller: architecture, modes of operation, command words,
  2. interfacing and programming of 9279.
  3. Programmable communication interface 8251:
  4. Methods of data communication, architecture and signal description, operating modes,
  5. interfacing and programming of 8251

Chapter NO 5: DMA , CRT controllers and its interfacing :-

  1. DMA controller 8257 : internal architecture, data bus buffer, signal description,
  2. DMA transfers and operations, programming and reading the 8257 registers,
  3. interfacing 8257 with 8086.
  4. CRT controller : Internal architecture, signal description, system operation, display formats and operational features,
  5. command set of 8275 CRT controller,
  6. programming and interfacing 8275 with 8086

Chapter NO 6: Introduction to programmable :-

  1. Industrial motor control circuits,
  2. relay ladder logic circuits,
  3. building a ladder diagram,
  4. motor control starter circuit, rack assembly, power supply,
  5. PLC programming unit, Input / Output sections, Processor unit, Addressing, relationship of data addresses to I/O modules.

Chapter NO 7: Fundamental PLC programming :-

  1. PLC program execution, ladder diagram programming language,
  2. ladder diagram programming, relay logic instructions, Timer instructions,
  3. counter instructions, data manipulation instructions,
  4. arithmetic operations,
  5. writing a program.

Chapter NO 9: Advanced programming, PLC interfacing & Troubleshooting :-

  1. Jump commands, data manipulations,
  2. discrete input/output modules,
  3. troubleshooting I/O interfaces, analog input and output signals,
  4. special purpose modules,
  5. troubleshooting programmable controllers.

Text Book :

1. Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals

2. Industrial Electyronics: Circuits, instruments and control techniques,Terry Bartelt


  1. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is an electronic system that operates digital and designed for industry and machinery.PLC uses a memory system that can be programmed for storage in the internal instructions that implement specific functions such as logic, sequence, time, counter and automatic operation to control the engine or through the process modules I/O digital and analog. It is designed to replace a series of relay sequentially in a control system. It is important to choose the right PLC for your Automation process as it helps in cost optimization. If you choose a wrong PLC it may happen that you are out of I/O's while programming or may be you will have excess of I/O's left which are of no use.


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