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development of Car Tachometer speedometer based microcontroller PIC16F628
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Car Tachometer speedometer based microcontroller PIC16F628

development of Car Tachometer speedometer based microcontroller PIC16F628

This is microcontroller project for measurement of speed of a car (Car speedometer, or digital tachometer)in which microcontroller PIC16F628 at 4 MHz is used and is designed to run on Twingo.A speedometer is a dashboard instrument that indicates how fast a car is moving.
The twingos have an inductive sensor that delivers a sine of 1.5V to 4V to 800tr/min and 4000rpm.
This sensor is mounted on the motor output before the gear box. It measures the pulse of the 58 teeth of the gear motor.A speedometer gauge on a car, showing the speed of the vehicle in kilometres per
So a small analog module is developed that reformat the sine waves for a nice square waves. This module mounts under the hood and is supplied with 5V.
Car Tachometer speedometer based micro controntroller PIC16f628

characteristic of digital speedometer or digital Tachometer using microcontroller PIC 16f628:-

- 14 LEDs are used which shows the speed in the range of 400 to 5600 rev / min.
- four digit 7-segment LED display: resolution 50tr/min up 9999tr/min.
- Display of max for 1 second.
- Control of light intensity PWM (20% night mode, 100% on the day) led by pilot wire pilot.

Part in the main program interrupt 300 times per second via the PIC TIMER1.
Why 300 times?
There are six displays (4 + 2 * 7segments bars 7 LEDs) that must refresh 50 times per second. So this give us 50Hz * 6 => 300 SRI / s.
Otherwise the measurement tacho is made 8 times per second. The gear has 58 teeth, giving 58 * 1000/60 = 966Hz to 1000 rpm. The pulses are counted by the TIMER0.
It remains to make a calculation of the rotation speed and display it on the 7-segment LED and 14 in the form of meter.


Normally, digital speedometers are found only in luxury cars and high-end electronic speedometer,we describe here how to build a digital speedometer-cumodometer for your motorbike.does car speedometer work,This project has been designed to display Speedometer along with Odometer using microcontroller. automotive gps speedometer,speed test,Electronics Projects, Mechanical Projects, MicroController Projects download speedometer,reliance speedometer,
adsl speed, speedometer tmnet,speedmeter,2wire speedometer broadband,Speedometer Microcontroller Speedometer Onboard Digital Vehicle Speedometer Wheeler Mileage Testing Machine Vehicle Tha Regular Speedometer Land Vehicle Speed Limit Microcontroller-Based Speedometer Seminar Topics Motor Vehicle Odometer Technology Discussion Seminar Class Password Enabled Speed Limit Digital Speedometer Here is a project which is based on an electronics hobbyist kit This is a microprocessor controlled Digital Speedometer


  1. hi there, im lei from the philippines, and i found this site regarding onboard digital speedometers, i will try to build this project to see if it will fit my bike, now the can i be able to calibrate it..or does the hex files have a program that will calibrate itself...perhaps an ASM file many thanks...

    heres my email

  2. @ LEI:-
    Send me all relvent information of your project to me via my e-mail (
    I will check and tell you how you can calibrate the speedometer and can process further.
    My other technical blog on microcontroller projects is (, where i am helping many studnets and hobbiers to develop their projects.
    You can find one or two projects related to speedomter and / or frequency measurement using microcontroller, i hope those will also help you.

  3. heloo...can you send me the assembly code of this project(Car Tachometer speedometer based microcontroller PIC16F628) email add is need that for my thesis...tnx...

  4. Please asm or basic or picc file

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